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inside of pedalboard

inside of pedalboard

Ronny North playing his personal Bullet Proof Pedal Board

What Makes Bullet Proof Pedal Boards Unique…

  1. The only board on the market where pedals are recessed into the face to protect your stomp boxes and save your settings… your foot won’t change your setting during a gig as can happen with other pedal platforms….
  2. All cables, plugs and power source hidden from view, much simpler and cleaner than your average pedal platform….
  3. The Unit weighs about seven pounds less pedals… The outer Aluminum Diamond plate cover is 3mm thick with the corners TIG welded… Inner chassis is bent from 1.5mm aluminum stock with the pedal insert plate riveted in place…
  4. Pedals are securely fastened to the pedal riser plate with authentic 6” Velcro.
  5. Power source is the very reliable and super durable, Visual Sound 1 Spot 9v system has power unit for up to 8 pedals!!!
  6. Pedals are securely fastened to the pedal insert plate with authentic 2 inch wide Velcro…
  7. Power source is the very reliable super durable, 1 Spot power unit for up to 10 pedals Real Overkill)!!!
  8. EXREMELY TOUGH… It has already earned the nickname…THE TANK!!!
  9. We currently have three models. The standard Bullet Proof Pedal Board holds 5 effects pedals, Model 001. The other standard pedal board is for a Dunlop Cry Baby and four addition pedal effects, Model 002… The third board is the Ronny North LAX signature model, 3 effect pedals and any of the Morley wah wah series available. … More models are being developed for the near future…
  10. Bullet Proof Pedal Boards can travel on board with you as they fall within the allowed dimensions…Never get to gig without your pedal board.. Durable padded black heavy duty nylon gig bags are available…
  11. Simply the hippest, most heavy duty pedal board available anywhere… Hand made in the U.S.A.!!!

PREVIOUSLY Hand made in Costa Rica, Central America, Now will be made in the U.S.A Pasadena California!!!!!!!

Please contact..
Brett Steven Harter / design, mfg.
(916) 740 7615